Walts Sen Karantek

T:Walts Sen Karantek
C:Kyt Le Nen Davey
|"Am"G3F GF|"Bm"EGF2D2|"C"EF"D"G2A2|"G"B6|"B7"A3B GE|"Am"CG FE"Bm" FD|"Em"E3G FE|"Bm"D4D2|| |"Am"E3F GF|"Bm"EGF2D2|"C"EF"D"G2A2|"G"B6|"B7"A3B GE|"Am"CG FE"Bm" FD|"Em"E3G"Bm" FD|"Em"E6|| |:"D"B2A2d2|"G"B2BA BG|"B"F2B2A2|"Em"G2GF GE|"Am"Fc BA GF|"Em"GAB2E2|"B"F2 FE FG|"Em"E6:|
Contributor: Kyt Le Nen Davey | Copyright: 2014 Kyt Le Nen Davey | Dance: Waltz

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