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The Crowd-Source Cornish Tunery!

Jig, Muniera, Hand in Hand

An Diberdhyans Em 6/8 
An Marrak 6/8 
Bal Maiden's Chant 6/8 
Bishop's Jig 6/8 
Boscastle Jack 6/8 
Bouncing Sam Jago Dm 6/8 
Culyek Hos Em 6/8 
Egloshayle Ringers 6/8 
Ella Grace Em 6/8 
Falmouth Assembly 6/8 
Falmouth Gig 6/8 
Fer Moh 6/8 
Forbidden Fruit 6/8 
Forty Thieves 6/8 
Gwinear Gm 6/8 
Hernen Wyn 6/8 
I Saw Three Ships 6/8 
Jackson's Claret 6/8 
Jumping Over The Coals Am 6/8 
Jyg Liskerrys 6/8 
Ker Syllan Em 6/8 
Konk Kerne Am 6/8 
Michael's Folly 6/8 
Morladron 6/8 
Newlyn Jig Am 6/8 
No Song, No Supper 6/8 
North Hill Jig 6/8 
Off She Goes 6/8 
Ow Mos Howlsedhas 6/8 
Pencarrow Em 6/8 
Pendeen Jig 6/8 
Phoebe 6/8 
Pignut Jig 6/8 
Pilot Jig 6/8 
Porthlystry 6/8 
Rogues March 6/8 
The Proper North Hill Jig 6/8 
Three Sisters 6/8 
Tom Bawcock's 6/8 
Trip to Trencrom 6/8 
Truro Agricultural Show 6/8 
Wondrous Works 6/8 

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